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SAVE THE RAINFOREST was created to be an interactive community of environmentally conscious members sharing their ideas, concerns and beliefs about the state of the world today.
As four business associates involved in our local communities and concerned about the world we were leaving to our children we were trying to make our towns a better, cleaner place to live. Three of us reside close to the Pacific Northwest temperate rainforest and were troubled by the conservation issues facing the region. Because this is our home we had a vested interest in shedding light on the beauty and necessity of this rainforest as well as the threats to its wellbeing. We were looking for a way to expand our individual efforts and decided to create a forum for people around the world to discuss environmental issues close to their hearts and homes.
Education and awareness is the key to respecting and protecting our planet. Because it is today’s youth who will inherit the consequences of our collective actions provides a platform for students to tell the world which issues matter to them. By searching the country for passionate college students we are proud to have found some very talented writers who contribute to the site monthly. They touch on topics ranging from Endangered and Vulnerable Species and Community Supported Agriculture to Deforestation. These are the students who will be in positions to make a difference tomorrow. Support their ideas by reading their work and passing it on.

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PPCLI Foundation

The Foundation provides funds, activities, and programs to support and care for Canadian military service and former military personnel in need by providing:

- Financial and other support to the families of the fallen.
- Direct assistance to veterans in need and, through partnerships with other agencies, such as the Support the Troops Fund and Military Family Resource Centres, helping these agencies provide support.
- Assistance to the welfare of troops engaged in op­erations through the provision of amenities not pro­vided through the Canadian Forces.
-Research and support programs to combat the crippling ef­fects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and associated problems on our veterans, their families, and our community.

Today, the PPCLI Association has branches across Canada that work with the PPCLI Foundation to provide services for those who have served Canada.

PPCLI: A Brief History: Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infrantry was founded by an act of philanthropy. On August 3rd, 1914, Captain Andrew Hamilton Gault accepted an offer to raise $100,000 to equip a battalion for overseas service.
Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry was founded by an act of philanthropy as a result of the acceptance of the offer of Captain Andrew Hamilton Gault, a Montreal entrepreneur, on the 3rd of August 1914 to provide $100,000 to raise and equip a battalion for overseas service. PPCLI has served Canada and Canadians continuously since its founding in Ottawa on 10 August 1914. Since then more than 1,850 Patricia’s have fallen in the service of Canada, in her wars, in peacekeeping and peace support operations in Canada and elsewhere. In addition, many thousands of other members of the Regiment have been wounded or injured through their service of Canada.

On 6th August 1914 Captain Gault’s offer was provisionally accepted by the Canadian Government. Authority was formally granted on 10th August (by way of a Report to the Privy Council of Canada (PC 2112)) to raise and equip an infantry battalion, with the remainder of the cost being defrayed by the Department of Militia and Defence.
On 10th August 1914 the Charter of the Regiment was signed and on the next day mobilization began. Eight days later, it was completed, as old soldiers flocked from every part of Canada to Lansdowne Park in Ottawa, where the Regiment was assembled. Out of 1,098 all ranks accepted into the new Regiment, 1,049 had seen previous service in South Africa or in the regular forces of the British Empire. In addition to personnel from the Royal Navy and Marines, almost every unit in the British Army was represented.

Lieutenant Colonel Francis D. Farquhar, DSO, an officer of the Coldstream Guards who was Military Secretary to His Royal Highness, the Duke of Connaught and Strathearn, The Governor-General of Canada, was selected to command the new battalion. Farquhar suggested the Regiment bear the name of the Duke’s youngest daughter, Her Royal Highness Princess Patricia of Connaught. The request was made to the Princess, who graciously consented to the Regiment bearing her name. The Light infantry came about because Captain Gault, a veteran of the South African War, liked the “irregular feel” it gave the Regiment.
The full title of Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry was too long for everyday use, and the new unit became known as “PPCLI”, with “PP’s” or “Pip Pip’s”, the most common variants. The Regiment was best known to the public as “Princess Pats” or merely the “Pats”, but this partial abbreviation is discouraged and the Regiment prefers to be known as the “Patricia’s”.

The Edmonton City Police Pipe Band had enlisted in Ottawa under a gallant old Highlander, Pipe Major C. Colville. Reporting in full Highland Kit with the Hunting Stewart tartan, they announced to the Colonel that they had come “to pipe you to France and back again”. Colonel Farquhar was able to take them into the Regiment and they lightened many a march for the Regiment and proved stouthearted stretcher bearers in action as well.
Being the first Canadian arms unit into battle in World War I, the Regiment began a history of service to the Nation that continues today. The PPCLI have been in every major operation undertaken by Canada since including Sicily, Italy and Western Europe in World War II, Korea, Germany as a part of NATO, UN peacekeeping operations, Yugoslavia, and Afghanistan. Domestically the Regiment has participated in numerous operations including the Olympics of 1976, 1988 and 2010, flood relief in the Red River Valley on several occasions, and the ice storms of 1998. More than 1850 members of the Regiment have given their lives and countless others have suffered wounds or injury (in many cases resulting in permanent disability) from their service to Canada.

The Regiment’s mission today has not changed: to provide an excellent infantry regiment for service to Canada. The serving component of the Regiment is currently located in Edmonton Alberta (1 PPCLI, 3 PPCLI and Regimental Headquarters), Shilo Manitoba (2 PPCLI) and several Patricia’s serving in various capacities throughout the Canadian Forces. The retired component consists of members of the PPCLI Association in 10 branches located across Canada. Strong communities help their heroes when they are in need. Strong communities ALSO help those who help the fallen and their families, and they help keep their community strong. The PPCLI Foundation plans to do both: help people and help those who also help people.
Thousands of veterans of Canada’s conflicts remain with us and many carry the physical and mental wounds of their service. An estimated 13.6 percent of those who have served in battle groups in Afghanistan suffer some form of operational stress injury. Many serving and retired Regimental veterans have witnessed the horrors of war and today bear the physical and mental wounds of their experience. The Canadian people and government have been generous in developing a range of programs to assist our veterans, but there are gaps and shortfalls in them.

You can help us fill the gaps in government support and provide research and rehabilitation for the physical and mental injuries our veterans have suffered, many of which will only reveal themselves long after the veteran has left the Regiment. The Regimental family must show the leadership and provide the assistance they need, but we cannot provide the financial resources to do it on our own. Nor can we alone bring the strength that strong community support contributes to health and well-being. The PPCLI Foundation was established in 2010 to provide the financial basis for sustained support to our veterans and families through the Regimental family and with the support of all Canadians.

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The Warrior Foundation (WF) is based out of San Diego, California. The WF is dedicated to supporting military personnel who reside in the San Diego community and who have returned from active duty in Iraq and Afghanistan with short-term, permanent and life-threatening injuries.The Foundation provides a wide range of assistance with 100% of all donations going directly to the ‘heroes of sacrifice’ and their families as they forge the road to recovery and transition back into civilian life.

The Warrior Foundation is derived of all volunteers, who are determined to make a difference in the lives of our warriors who have given so much on our behalf. 100% of all donations received go directly to our warriors, ages 18-35, in the Southern California area.

Our Mission is to assist, honor, and support the military men and women/service members/personnel who have so bravely served and sacrificed for our country.
We further vow to help the seriously injured who are assigned to Naval Regional Medical Center, Camp Pendleton Naval Hospital, 29 Palms and Fort Irwin as well
as those who are going through rehabilitation in the San Diego area.

The Warrior Foundation was established in December 2004 by a Navy wife and mom, whose name is Sandra Lehmkuhler. This patriotic wife and mother, saw a need of our injured warriors and contacted 760 KFMB radio, of whom now has become one of the greatest advocates of our military in San Diego.

We offer a very direct avenue for patriotic citizens to help assist those who are fighting the war against terrorism. We have FOUR GROUPS of Warriors which the Foundation will be able to continue helping with your generous support.

FIRST GROUP: are the S.I.’s, or Seriously Injured, who come home from Iraq or Afghanistan via Germany with immediate needs, both medical and emotional. We fly in family members and provide them with accommodations, transportation, and anything else that will enable them to just concentrate on helping their Warrior with his or her recovery.

SECOND GROUP: of Warriors have suffered from exposure to blasts from IED’s, some even from as many as seven different explosions. The Warrior Foundation has been able to provide over 2000 Laptop computers to those Warriors located in the Veterans Brain and Injury Center, to help with their short term memory loss.

THIRD GROUP: have been going through physical therapy and occupational therapy for 4 years or longer. These Warriors we have been able to help in numerous ways. Through the help and generosity of our patriotic contributors and volunteers, we have been able to provide a new kitchen and computer café, as well as a 10-man, wheelchair capable minibus and van to help transport these Warriors to different events throughout San Diego County. The most important thing we have been able to do for our Warriors for the past couple of years has been to place a round trip ticket into each and every one of our Warriors’ hands so that they could wake up in their own hometowns and in their own beds on Christmas morning with their families.

FOURTH: group are those Warriors who have been medically retired and remain in our community. We want to keep these great citizens in the San Diego area where we can continue to help them as they transition back into civilian life. We have worked with these Warriors and they tell us that what they need and want is a support center to assist with the transition back into civilian life. Therefore, in May of 2011 we opened FREEDOM STATION.

Freedom Station is a transition facility for returning injured military men/women. Each warrior has been selected by members of the military staff at Balboa Hospital, and the C5 hospital unit. At Freedom Station we provide our warriors the opportunity to move into their own private residence three months prior to their receiving their DD214 (retirement papers), and will be able to live for up to 6 months after, allowing them time to reconcile their loss and gain the personal strength needed for the challenges yet to come. During their residency at Freedom Station we will provide a group of professionals/ volunteers, who will assist them in filing VA, State Disability and Social Security claims; assistance in educational enrollment, scholarship applications and a variety of other educational opportunities. As these warriors begin their search for employment, we provide assistance in resume writing, various workshops, and networking opportunities with “veteran friendly” companies, all of which will help build self confidence and prepare them to enter the civilian workforce.

Even though Freedom Station will provide a fully furnished cottage, each warrior will be responsible for paying rent (reduced) and their own utilities, of which will prepare them for the expectations of living independently. Our heroes have had to face pain, both mentally and physically, and in most cases progress and healing has been slow and tedious, therefore, it is our hope that in the short time our warriors live at Freedom Station, they will become self-reliant and confident enough to handle the daily demands they will be faced with.

Our injured warriors are a very proud group of men and women, with a determination not to be a burden on anyone. The persistence, enthusiasm and determination held by these warriors, help them to overcome the obstacles and challenges they have been given; however, we understand that each warrior will recover at their own pace, and should a warrior not be ready to transition in the expected time frame, an extension could be granted, allowing our warrior to remain at Freedom Station.

Freedom Station serves as a community center; a place where our injured and disabled military heroes can begin the transition from defenders of freedom, to productive members of our civilian workforce.

We vow to be the hand up, not a hand out, and our doors will never close on those who served and sacrificed on our behalf.

Funds received for Warrior Foundation for fiscal year 2011 – $800,000.00
All funds that are received are from a combination of individual & corporate donations, as well as, fundraising agency revenue.

Warrior Foundation has no administrative salaries, and all other expenses are calculated at less than 1%.

To learn more about this amazing Foundation, please visit

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ASPCA Foundation

Founded in 1866, the ASPCA® (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®) is the first humane organization established in the Americas and serves as the nation’s leading voice for animal welfare. One million supporters strong, the ASPCA’s mission is to provide effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals throughout the United States. As a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation, the ASPCA is a national leader in the areas of anti-cruelty, community outreach and animal health services. The ASPCA, which is headquartered in New York City, offers a wide range of programs, including a mobile clinic outreach initiative, its own humane law enforcement team, and a groundbreaking veterinary forensics team and mobile animal CSI unit. For more information, please visit To become a fan of the ASPCA on Facebook, go to
To follow the ASPCA on Twitter, go to

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